A great decorative item. 930mm high
A posser or a washing dolly was historically a tool used for possing laundry by pumping the posser up and down on the laundry in the dolly tub or directly in the copper or mixing laundry. while hand washing it. Possers come in various forms; there is usually a vertical pole with a handle bar at the top but the base can be conical or domed. It has a double rim with a row of holes around the edge of the outer one. A similar tool with three (or more) legs was called a variety of names including posstick, peggy-legs, dolly-legs, and dolly-peg. Sometimes they took the form of a flat disk. The naming of each of these items was regionally specific and the specific meaning of word changed over time.

Clothes washing in the early nineteenth century rarely used soap, "bucking" with lye instead. It was a communal event, and infrequent. It involved clothes boards and bats. By the end of the nineteenth century, the tradition of a weekly washing day had been established. Soap was available in the forms of flakes and powder. The posser was not so much used to hammer the dirt out of the clothes, as to agitate the water which would be forced under pressure through the holes.

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I was very happy with my purchase from Orakei Objet. As the purchase was sent to me, I totally relied on their honesty. It was exactly as described and photographed on their Website. They are thoroughly professional in their dealings. It was packed very well and delivered quickly. I would be very happy to buy again. Many thanks. Gary

G Goldfinch

Orakei Objet is a delightful antique and art store providing excellent collector/stand alone items. The shop interior is thoughtfully organized with new objects to be discovered upon each visit, and the store owner is welcoming as well as helpful. Upon entering the premises, it becomes extremely apparent that they are knowledgeable and passionate in their trade.

Lily Wei

Wonderful new Antique and Interiors store in a really accessible location. Items have clearly been carefully selected by the owner who is a stylist. Such an eclectic range of objects to choose for my new house. Love it!


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