Produced in 1956 in Chicago, Illinois (USA), the ZENITH B835R is a radio with very interesting features and a classic 50's look with the large tuning dial.

The cabinet is made of wood which grants the device a quite extended tone quality.
Most of the devices produced in the USA in those years made extensive use of different plastics or agglomerates. The loudspeaker is large for the device. These two details together ensure a quality musicality rarely found in small American devices. Reception is good, both in AM and FM.
The tuner is equipped with AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) so FM reception is very stable.
The AFC must be excluded during the station search phase, otherwise the device automatically tunes only in the strongest stations.
Once the favorite station is tuned, the AFC can be inserted so that the tuned station remains stable. The tuning has a step-down system and the two pointers are large and clearly visible, so the tuning is rather precise.
Another interesting feature of the ZENITH B835R is that in the rear there is an RCA socket for the Phono input.
A small switch is placed next to it and allows to choose whether to listen to the signal coming from the radio or the Phono input.
A turntable with piezo cartridge or other devices that provide similar output voltage can be connected to this input.

This device is originally powered by 120 volts, so a special adapter is provided for countries that use different line voltages.
406 x 254 x 203 mm. 

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