Clear etched crystal atomiser with gold fittings and black tassel. From the 1920's . Beautiful stemwork. Signed
Height: 15.5cm

The popularity of perfume atomizers skyrocketed after World War I, with soldiers returning from France with perfume for sweethearts at home. This coincided with the spectacular rise in America of prosperity and opulence known as the “Roaring Twenties”. 
Dr. Allan DeVilbiss, a medical doctor specializing in nose and throat medicine, founded the DeVilbiss Manufacturing Company in Toledo, Ohio in 1888. The company’s primary purpose was to manufacture and sell DeVilbiss-invented spray atomizers, designed to apply soothing medicinal coatings to patients’ throats. His son Tom joined the company in 1905, and by 1907 had convinced his father to go into the perfume atomizer business. Over its history, DeVilbiss relied on the highest quality American and European glass manufacturers for its bottles. Some bottles were acquired without decoration and then finished with acid treatments, enameling and engraving by DeVilbiss’ own decorating department. Others were purchased with the glassmaker’s already-applied decorations, such as bottles with Cambridge Glass Company etchings. Some bottles were made to a DeVilbiss design specification, while others were acquired in shapes already being manufactured by the glassmaker. DeVilbiss Perfume Bottles identify the glass manufacturer whenever records exist or the shape or style has a known source. In all, DeVilbiss acquired glass and porcelain bottle blanks from at least 60 different suppliers from America, Europe and Japan over the course of its 71-year history.
Perfume atomizer production was finally terminated, after 71 years, in 1968.
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I was very happy with my purchase from Orakei Objet. As the purchase was sent to me, I totally relied on their honesty. It was exactly as described and photographed on their Website. They are thoroughly professional in their dealings. It was packed very well and delivered quickly. I would be very happy to buy again. Many thanks. Gary

G Goldfinch

Orakei Objet is a delightful antique and art store providing excellent collector/stand alone items. The shop interior is thoughtfully organized with new objects to be discovered upon each visit, and the store owner is welcoming as well as helpful. Upon entering the premises, it becomes extremely apparent that they are knowledgeable and passionate in their trade.

Lily Wei

Wonderful new Antique and Interiors store in a really accessible location. Items have clearly been carefully selected by the owner who is a stylist. Such an eclectic range of objects to choose for my new house. Love it!


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